About Us
Shop at MUKU started as a part-time passion project of three lifelong friends, hoping that a shared project with the same vision and goals will provide the opportunity for them to spend more quality time together. They shared the same worldview and possess different skillsets – and most importantly, together, they’re never afraid to break boundaries and explore unknown territories.

Initially the idea of the project started in 2017, while preparing and experimenting with different styles. When they finally kicked off in 2018, the founders decided to start under the legal corporate name of CV. Trikawan Sejahtera Abadi, as a sign of commitment and faith in what they do together. They firmly believe in what they do and what they can achieve together as a team. With God’s grace, they were able to move into a humble office, based in Surabaya, where they can start turning their dreams into reality together.
“Fashion should always be comfortable and timeless.”
At Shop at MuKu, we believe that what you have in the closet should represent who you are. Your preferences, your style, and your personality should be reflected from what you wear. It is our goal to make high quality fashion available for everyone. We always do our best to curate the most relevant and coveted fashion pieces for you – it’s such an immeasurable joy for us when we see our pieces worn with confidence, comfort and ease. We are forever grateful for you, our dear customers; without you we won’t be where we are today. Your continuous support and feedback are what keep us going forward – to always reach new heights, inspired by you.
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